Baby Proof Drawers: Complete Guide

VD September 09 2021

You might not realize the value of baby-proof drawers until you become a parent and deal with a playful toddler. Even if your child isn’t necessarily ave cheeky and naughty, young kids would do anything for the sake of exploration and experimentation. 

There are so many dangerous things in your house that you have to take extra steps to ensure your kids cannot reach them. The list doesn’t stop at visibly risky contents; your furniture like a bedroom dresser or living room chest of drawers can also harm toddlers, both from outside and inside. That’s why protecting your children from drawer cabinets and their contents is essential. 

Let’s see what dangers a baby can encounter when playing with drawers:

  • Get access to scissors, knives, cutters, medicines, insect killers, or other dangerous objects that can harm the baby.  
  • The kid can throw things out of the drawers, making it hard for you to not only clean up but find all the necessary items that you can’t afford to lose. 
  • While closing the drawer, your baby’s fingers and hands can get stuck, causing severe injuries. 
  • Your baby could use drawers as a ladder to climb upwards, creating a risk of falling or other accidents. 
  • Sometimes toddlers continuously open and slam drawers to have fun which can create noise pollution for parents. 

Things to consider before buying locks for babyproof drawers: 

The best way to find out what locks are good enough for baby-proof drawers in your house is to research manufacturers and read reviews written by other parents. Researching and reading opinions about products from other customers will help you make a choice instantly and save you from the trouble of wasting money and time by investing in a cheap quality product. 

You must also note a few other conditions: 

  • Safety locks that open up a crack: These locks are supposed to stop the drawer from opening completely, yet they open up by a small gap and threaten the toddler’s fingers. 
  • Be wary of cheap quality magnet locks: Cheap quality magnet locks make it inconvenient to close and open drawers. You are more likely to forego using such locks altogether.
  • Locks shouldn’t require too many tools for mounting: If you do not own your house and rent it, then such locks won’t work for you because the landlord might not allow you to modify the interior and install fixtures. 
  • If a lock isn’t easy to use, use another one: You use drawers daily and need to put things in or out every day. You are more likely to stop closing the locks that consume too much of your time and don’t open conveniently. 

Magnetic Locks for Baby Proof Drawers 

Magnetic locks are popular due to their convenience. For installation, you set the lock inside the drawer.

One pack contains several magnetic locks and a single key that you use on dressers and kitchen cabinets, while the key opens the fasteners as you place it near them. 

You can check out our below-mentioned recommendation of the best magnetic locks. 

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System


  • You will get a pack that contains eight locks and one key. 
  • Convenient installation 
  • Suitable for the majority of drawers 
  • The mechanism can be deactivated when needed 
  • Allows parents to relax and act carefree due to its solid protection
  • High-quality and durable 
  • They do not interfere with the aesthetics of the drawers as they get installed inside. 


  • Use a drill machine to drill small holes for safely entering screws and prevent the drawer wood from splintering. 

Tension Rod for Baby Proof Drawers 

Using a tension rod for baby-proofing drawers is a safe and secure idea. You take the rod and put it through the handles of the chest of drawers vertically, sealing them all together. The rubber end fixes on the floor, preventing kids from pulling it. Also, this way of baby-proofing drawers is very convenient to set up without needing to follow any extra steps or drill holes in the furniture.

A DIY Guide for Baby Proof Drawers

Create your tension rod at home using a stick or a broom pole. 

  • Take a broom pole.
  • Enter the pole through the handles of the column of drawers and figure out the desired measurements.
  • Cut the stick from the top so that it fits perfectly, securing the handles.

You would have to open all the drawers together even when you need only one until the pole is removed. This method is only effective till your kids don’t figure out the trick. 

Final Thoughts

Other than magnetic locks that are highly suitable for dressers and cabinets, you can also use Velcro and furniture anchors to prevent your child from opening the chest of drawers. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you keep toddlers and young children away from the drawers and give you time to catch your breath as you ensure the security of little ones. You can use these tips and share your experience with other parents.