Baby Proofing Doors: Complete Guide

VD September 09 2021

If you ask a parent, what’s the best thing to witness about your baby so far? The answer will be almost the same: seeing your children grow and learning everything on their own. Indeed, it is a magical realization to see your baby learn and grow with their imagination.

As much as it pains to admit, the number of childhood injuries and traumas is quite alarming around the globe. Just because some parents believe that the baby-proofing doors or the furniture was unnecessary since it will restrict their child or make her weak.

Such stubborn ideas are the major reason children at such ages often experience injuries that can have a life-lasting effect. You need to baby-proof your house as long as your baby reaches a certain age limit, period. There are no ifs and buts that must stop you from doing so.

Baby proofing doors: The starting point

According to verified survey reports, the majority of the parents consider the baby proofing door as the most important part of the whole baby proofing drill. Pointed ends of furniture or even toys can lead to drastic and unpleasant events. But what’s the one thing your baby is going to get in contact with multiple times a day? Yes, a door.

But why’s there a need for baby proofing door?

The doors attached to rooms in our houses are made for adults, not children of small ages and babies. The force required to open a door is quite a challenge for babies, but the door’s hinge and handles are a real threat.

  • First, a baby can easily master the art of opening a door with the help of the door handle. All it needs is a turn and a little push since most doors can easily be opened this way. And with the kind of doors we have today, even a baby can push open a door if they know how to turn the handle. Now, the way to the stairs or the way towards the road is open for the baby's curiosity.
  • Second, the direction of the door hinges. If the door hinges are installed, the outer portion of the hinge is facing the room. The door will automatically shut close with a force far greater than the force required to open the door in the first place.

Products that are going to help you Babyproof Doors

Keeping in mind the importance and impact of this issue, here are some products that will help you baby-proof doors effectively and securely.

  • The Lever Handle Lock

The lever handle lock will only be an effective gadget to baby-proof doors if your house has doors that are lever operated. For a baby, learning the right way of using a lever structure to open the door is one of the easiest things to learn.

The cover is used to completely lock the handle in a place with the help of adhesive tape. In this way, the baby can’t use the lever to open the door even at his/her full might. Screws can also be used to fix and cover the lever.

  • The Door Monkey

One of the most popular gadgets to baby-proof any kind of door is door monkey. The gadget is fixed with the body of the door. As the door monkey is not attached to the handle, it is suitable for any door handle or design.

Once the door monkey is in its place, it doesn’t allow the baby to open the door independently no matter how hard she tries. Operatable from both sides, the door monkey prevents any chances of your child getting locked on her own as well. It also leaves a little door space open behind for proper air ventilation.

  • The Pinch Guard

You may not be surprised. The biggest fear among parents regarding the door and their baby is the fear of the baby’s hand getting in when the door is closing. And according to surveys, all such accidents are high in number just because no one noticed that the baby’s hand was in the range of the closing door.

That’s why, in terms of baby-proofing door gadgets, the pinch guard is something that every parent must use for all kinds of doors in their house. 

The pinch guard is a U-shaped solid gadget that is attached to the body of the door. You don’t need to worry about the handle type since every type will do just fine. Once fit perfectly, the pinch guard prevents the door from getting slam shut when your child is trying to get out of the room with you.