Can you use Oxiclean on colors?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

Is using Oxiclean good at cleaning colors?

Oxiclean is great for cleaning clothes off just about any color, including clothes that are colorful or have printed. However, simply being good at cleaning is only part of the story. This detergent doesn't just clean, it also brightens and whitens too and this makes Oxiclean a nice detergent for colors. It becomes even more effective when you use it on a regular basis. This product works so well because instead of relying solely on bleaching to whiten things up, it uses oxygen-based cleaning agents to dissolve stains and dirt particles which are then rinsed away. That explains why you can use Oxiclean on colors, black and white, and don`t worry about the allergy when using OxiClean for kids.

Bright red or an eye-catching print will not be a problem for this product. As long as the clothes you want to clean are colored, including anything from brightly colored outdoor gear to sports uniforms, this detergent can get them whiter than white. If you need help coming up with ways to use this product, read on below!

You can use Oxiclean on any type of fabric including colors. However, if you want your clothes to stay colorfast and not fade, avoid using too much of this product or using it more than once every 1-2 weeks. If you have dark clothing, try to find Oxiclean that has the words "oxygen" or "color-safe bleach alternative" on it because that means it won't fade your clothing. That is another reason why Oxiclean is good on colors.

Is OxiClean only for white clothes?

Most people think of OxiClean as a product for getting their whites brighter. But did you know that it can actually be used on colored clothes as well? That's right - Oxyclean isn't just for white laundry anymore! Here are some tips on how to use OxiClean on colors:

  • Pre-treat stains with Oxyclean prior to washing. This will help remove the stain more effectively.
  • Add a scoop of Oxyclean to your regular laundry detergent when using colors. This will help keep them looking bright and vibrant.
  • Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine when using Oxyclean on colors. This will prevent any damage to the fabric.

So there you have it - Oxyclean can be used on colors! So don't forget to use it next time you do your laundry.

Can you use regular OxiClean on dark clothes?

Yes, regular Oxiclean can help with washing dark clothes. The oxygen-based agents and hydrogen peroxide will not only clean the dirt particles and remove stains, but they will also brighten up your clothes so that they are whiter than white. You do need to be careful about how much you use in one go, though. If you use too much of this product on a regular basis, there is a risk of damage to the fibers which have been dyed to maintain their color and remove it.

One of the reasons that regular Oxiclean is so effective at cleaning colors or dark clothing is due to its ability to get into small crevices where dirt particles often hide. This allows it to truly remove all traces of dirt from both your clothes and the washing machine. And it doesn`t bleach colors

It is important to note that the hydrogen peroxide in this product will help with white or light clothing too. However, it will not work as well on black clothes due to the dye content in some of them which can react badly with this type of ingredient.

How to use Oxiclean on colors?

If you don`t want to make your shirts and pants too faded or too dark, use Oxiclean only 1-2 times per month in order not to bleach them. Also, the best way to prevent clothes from fading is using special bleach for laundry (like Clorox 2).

If you want to make your shirt or pants lighter, you can use OxiClean once every 1-2 weeks. Be careful! If you have used Rowenta fabric steamer on certain parts of your shirts or pants before washing with this very detergent, those areas will become lighter than other parts so it`s better to steam iron those places after using.

There are a few different ways for you to use OxiClean as a washer additive: You can use this product as a pre-treatment by mixing half a scoop into your laundry detergent bottle before filling it with water. It is also safe to add directly to your washing machine when you are filling it with water. This will allow the product to work in a different way by releasing oxygen bubbles into the wash load while it is being filled up.

Do you need to stop using Oxiclean to prevent bleach colors?

Oxiclean can be used as an all-purpose cleaning agent and stain remover, but if you find that you need something more powerful than this, try out Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover Pen! Peroxide-based ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate do have bleaching properties, but they aren`t nearly strong enough to damage fibers or fade colors on their own. However, the bleach-like properties of OxiClean do make it a great stain remover for colors.

In some cases, the hydrogen peroxide used in this product may cause damage to dyes on dark clothes due to the bleaching effects that these ingredients have on textiles over time. As a result, using OxiClean as a laundry booster at least twice per month will prevent any issues from arising again.

How to use Oxiclean in dark colors clothes?

To remove stains from dark or white leggings or pants, use 1-2 scoops of OxiClean before washing with laundry detergent. To remove blood stains on dark clothes, soak clothing stain with OxiClean powder for 30 minutes or more before washing as usual. You can also use OxiClean to treat set-in stains by mixing half a scoop into the water of your sink basin and soaking the stained garments in it overnight.

You can also wash the dark or white clothes with this detergent once every 1-2 months just to brighten up the colors of your clothes. It`s not necessary to do it more than that, but this will help if you want your clothes to be brighter or whiter than usual!

Also, you can use OxiClean as an all-purpose stain remover for colors. If you have some fresh stains on your light shirt, persimmon juice or food coloring can often leave stains so it`s a good idea to remove those before using detergent and OxiClean.

Will Oxiclean remove stains?

You can use OxiClean to remove many different types of stains including body oils, perspiration, grass, mud, blood, and even urine. Simply pour half a scoop into your sink basin along with some warm water. Then soak the stained garment in it before washing as usual. It`s best to avoid soaking extremely light or dark fabrics for more than 2-3 hours as this may cause colors loss over time, especially if you use it on bright colors.

OxiClean may remove fresh stains as well after they have been treated with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature Clean Stain & Odor Remover Spray. Just pour the product directly onto the stain and allow it several minutes to work its magic before laundering the clothing normally again.

You can also remove stains with the detergent by adding 1-2 scoops to your washing machine along with the laundry detergent. When using this technique, it`s best to limit exposure time for extremely dark or light-colored fabrics as mentioned above.

You can also use OxiClean as a stain remover for both colors and dark clothes before you wash them in the machine by mixing half a scoop of this product into water and soaking stained garments overnight. It`s not necessary to keep stains soaked for longer than 8 hours though, so no need to worry about that! The detergent will remove any stain after such a sokiang.

Can you use Oxiclean during hand washing?

Yes, it`s possible to use OxiClean in the dishwasher. Just add a scoop of this product directly under your normal dishwashing detergent and run your dishes through as usual. Your items will come out clean and sparkling like new!

You can also use this product during hand-washing colors or white clothes. Just dissolve one scoop of the powder in warm water and soak the garment for 30 minutes or more before rinsing it out thoroughly. You can also pre-treat fresh stains on your clothing with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature Clean Stain & Odor Remover Spray before hand washing as usual if you need to remove certain types of stains from your apparel quickly. It is important that the stained area has been soaked for at least 5 minutes though, or else the stain remover may not work properly!

In addition, you can use it during dishwashing too! Just add a scoop of this product underneath your normal dishwashing detergent and run the dishes through as usual for clean and sparkling items!

How can you clean colorful sneakers with Oxiclean?

To remove paint stains from light-colored sneakers, start out by simply wiping off the stain with a paper towel or clean rag. Try to get as much of the paint off onto the paper towel before washing with detergent & using OxiClean.

Then, add half a scoop of this product into your sink basin along with some warm water and soak stained sneakers for 30 minutes or more before washing normally. You can then throw them in the dryer if you prefer to speed up the drying process! You can also wash colors or white items together with dark clothes when using this technique too, it will remove any stain as well. There`s no need to keep both separate while soaking! However, it is important that each garment has been soaked for 5 minutes before throwing them in the washer.

To use OxiClean for shoes (both on colors and dark), combine half a scoop with some warm water in a sink basin and soak stained shoes for 30 minutes or longer before washing as usual. If you'd prefer to speed up the drying process, you may dry them in the dryer! When using this method, you may also wash light-colored goods with dark clothes. There's no need to keep them apart while soaking! However, it is critical that each garment has been soaked for 5 minutes before washing it in the machine.

What is the formula for this detergent?

The two main ingredients in this product`s formula are sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. These are both effective cleaning agents that will help to remove stains and dirt from your clothes. This product also contains hydrogen peroxide which is an oxidizing agent. This ingredient in the formula helps to break down stains so that they can be removed more easily.

OxiClean also contains surfactants which help to loosen dirt and stains from the fabric so that they can be removed more effectively. The surfactants in this product are also responsible for creating the foaming action that is often seen when using this detergent.

Does Oxiclean kill germs?

Yes, when you use OxiClean, this antibacterial product kills 99.9% of germs. Since it`s a powder detergent, the bacteria must make contact with the surface of the garment for several hours in order to be completely eliminated.

This unique detergent can also remove stains caused by germs like blood, feces & vomit along with other common household stains. It does not matter if these items are fresh or dry when using this technique since bacteria cannot survive any exposure to water! Just add your normal amount of laundry detergent into your washing machine and then add 1 scoop of OxiClean underneath for safe cleaning results every time!


Use Oxiclean on colors, dark or white clothes it, will not only clean but also kill germs! You can also use it while hand-washing or dishwashing. Just add a scoop of the powder in warm water and soak the garment for 30 minutes or more before rinsing it out thoroughly. You can also pre-treat fresh stains on your clothing with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature Clean Stain & Odor Remover Spray before hand washing as usual if you need to remove certain types of stains from your apparel quickly.