How to use a SwaddleMe wrap?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is SwaddleMe?

The SwaddleMe is a swaddling device that uses velcro to help keep your baby tightly wrapped. The purpose of swaddling, according to Baby Center, is to provide comfort for sleeping and calmness so you have an easier time soothing the baby during waking hours.

The SwaddleMe can be used with infants up to four months, or when they start rolling over on their own. Of course, every child is different, but this age should give you enough time before you need another option. 

Swaddle wraps are divided into several large groups: cloth and non-cloth, with several variations within each group.

  • Non-cloth swaddle wraps are usually made of terry or velour. They are cushy, but will not absorb moisture, so they must be washed after each use.
  • Cloth swaddle wraps can be made with cotton flannel or muslin. Both are soft against the skin, absorb water and have a nice stretch for proper swaddling. The cloth wraps do need to be washed regularly, though, unlike the non-cloth type, they do not need to be dried completely before being used again since they won't lose their shape or shrink in the dryer. 

SwaddleMe is one of the most popular types of cloth wraps. It has velcro to keep your child securely wrapped so they don't fall off the bed or get tangled in blankets. For safety reasons, you do need to be careful when swaddling so your baby doesn't overheat.

This is especially important with non-cloth wraps because they cover more skin - cotton can be dangerous if it's too thick and not breathable enough, and that applies to most materials unless you're using a mesh swaddle wrap.

What materials are the best for swaddle wraps?

Muslin, cotton flannel, and other types of thick cotton are preferred for safety reasons because they are breathable. When it's hot enough to have your baby swaddled in a wrap, it is also likely warm outside the wrap, which can cause overheating if not be avoided.

Some people think using blankets or non-cloth wraps is better since you don't need to worry about the material being too thick. But though this might be true sometimes, it doesn't take into account that blankets are usually not as soft as cloth wraps against the skin, therefore, making them uncomfortable for your child.

And that can contribute to an even greater risk of overheating. Using a muslin wrap ensures proper warmth regulation for the baby due to its breathability and breathability.

Why is SwaddleMe so special?

This wrap has a patented design to keep a tight swaddle even when your baby wiggles around. It also sleeps cool, which is great for babies that don't have the body warmth or circulation issues that would normally warrant another type of blanket.

This wrap is made from 100% cotton and fits infants up to four months old, about 14-20 pounds in weight, and 28 inches long. 

How do I use the SwaddleMe?

Unlike other wraps, SwaddleMe velcro can be set so you get just the right fit every time. Snug but not too tight so there's no risk of suffocation - it's easy to secure each side with one hand while holding your child in the other arm.

One of the best things about SwaddleMe is it's easy to use and fits all babies without any adjustments. Just swaddle them up and zip them in! The complete instruction on how to swaddle your baby is here.

Lay the product flat on a bed or other surface. Unzip to open, and unbutton one side of the fabric so you can get your child's arms inside Pull your baby's arms through the appropriate holes until they lay against their body Lay them down inside the swaddle with their head in line with where you will fasten it.

Make sure their feet are not sticking out, then close one end of the pouch around your baby's back Adjust the velcro to fit snugly but not constrictively. Some customers prefer to leave a little bit of breathing room at the neck for comfort when sleeping. Zip up both ends before putting your baby in his/her crib for safe sleep.

Be sure to pay attention to your child when they are sleeping. If they seem uncomfortable, overheated or you notice any skin discoloration, take the swaddle off immediately and contact their pediatrician right away.

What are the benefits of swaddling?

Swaddling is a time-honored method of soothing babies. It reminds them of the womb and gives them the security they've grown used to. Wrapping your baby in a swaddle can also help prevent startling, which is another cause for waking up - chances are if they're startled awake too early, they won't want to go back to sleep! And finally, it prevents scratching or pulling on their delicate skin from those tiny fingernails. 

What shouldn`t you do when swaddling a baby?

  • Never wrap your baby too tightly

When you swaddle a baby too tightly, it can restrict their movement and breathing. Make sure your swaddle is not so tight that it restricts his/her chest movements or makes the baby feel uncomfortable. 

  • Don't leave them unattended when swaddled

It's important to always keep an eye on your child while they are in the SwaddleMe wrap. Never leave them unattended for long periods of time, especially once they start trying to move around a lot more. If you're going out for a little bit, make sure someone else is keeping an eye on them or take it off until you get back.

  • Don't let your baby overheat:

You want to avoid letting your baby get too hot while they are swaddled, as it can increase the risk of SIDS. Make sure not to have any extra blankets on your baby's bed, and keep their room a little on the cooler side if possible.

What are the possible risks of swaddling?

There are possible risks with swaddle wraps like any other product, but it's important to keep in mind that the benefits outweigh the risks by far. The most common issue is overheating, which can cause some serious health issues for your baby. This risk mainly comes from adding too many blankets, having it too tight or not keeping an eye on your child when they're sleeping.

Swaddling also has a significant effect on reducing excessive crying and promoting healthy sleep patterns. Babies who are kept in a tight space all night may have trouble moving around and adjusting every time they wake up, which can lead to sleep issues of their own down the line. It's always best to discuss any concerns you have about the use of this device with your pediatrician so they can provide you with the best information on how to keep your baby safe.

What are some common misconceptions about swaddling?

One of the most common misconceptions is that swaddling will prevent babies from moving around and rolling over. While it may seem like they can't move at all while wrapped up, that's not true at all. What's really happening is that their proprioception (understanding where their limbs are without looking) is thrown off because they're unable to see their hands and feet, which inhibits them from actually moving them correctly.

It also might look like your child is completely wrapped up in fabric when sleeping, but what's probably happening is one arm or leg might be sticking out at an awkward angle. The SwaddleMe should not be wrapped too tightly around your child; the fabric should lay flat against them without any slack or extra space for them to move around.

When should you stop swaddling?

Swaddling shouldn't be used past the age of 3 months for safety reasons. When they're swaddled all night long, some babies develop a condition called hip dysplasia, or looseness in the hip joints, which can lead to serious developmental issues later on if not taken care of immediately.

What if never to swaddle a baby?

Many modern parents do not swaddle their children. The biggest reason for this is that it's simply less necessary in today's world, where we have plenty of safe and effective baby sleep products available that keep them comfortable and safe all night without needing to be wrapped up like a burrito.

Swaddling does come with some serious risks if it's not done correctly: overheating and hip dysplasia are two very common issues. It should also only be used while they're sleeping; never while your child is awake or while you're holding them, as it could lead to muscle development issues later on.

If you do choose to use the SwaddleMe wrap, make sure you know how to properly use it and always pay attention to your child when they're in the wrap.

What are some tips for getting my baby to sleep through the night?

If your baby is still waking up multiple times during the night at 6-8 weeks old, there are a few things you can do that have been proven to work. First off, try cutting out feedings around midnight or 1 AM. If you have an older baby who isn't breastfeeding anymore, try switching them over to water instead of milk after 7 PM. Another thing you can do is switch them over to a later bedtime time around 8 or 9 PM, which allows them to build up enough sleep before the middle of the night feeding.

There are a ton of different baby sleep products you can use, and it's worth experimenting to see what works best for your child. The Halo sleepsack swaddle is another popular option, and the key here is to make sure they're snug and secure in their sleep sack with enough room to stretch out comfortably but not too loose where they could wiggle out.

Can you use SwaddleMe wraps for other purposes?

SwaddleMe wraps are designed for one purpose only: to keep your child nice and snug while they sleep. But it's possible to use the wrap for other things like changing diapers, nursing them, or even using it in place of a car seat when you're out running errands if you don't want to lug around another bulky item.

Changing diapers in the SwaddleMe is possible but generally not recommended since there have been some cases where parents have suffocated their babies while trying to do so. Keep that in mind before deciding on doing this with your child.

If you do choose to use the SwaddleMe as a car seat replacement, make sure the flap on top is securely fastened down and always check inside to see if your child's face or body is down towards the ground, as this could lead to suffocation.

The fabric on the SwaddleMe is also very breathable and thin, which can be a positive for hot weather but not such a good thing during colder months. If it's too cold outside to leave them exposed, make sure you bundle them up underneath the wrap with warm clothing before taking off.


SwaddleMe makes it easy to keep your child snug and secure all night long, but there are a few things you'll need to know before using the product.

SwaddleMe is a brand that specializes in creating baby swaddling blankets for safe and effective swaddling, with each product designed to help make your child feel comfortable and cozy while sleeping.

The SwaddleMe wrap is fairly straightforward: it's an adjustable blanket made of breathable cotton that fits easily around your baby like a straitjacket or sleep sack. It zips up in front so you don't have to worry about any buttons or snaps; just pull it over their head when they're lying down, zip it up, and lay them on top of the mesh fabric for a breathable, comfortable surface that prevents overheating.