Temporary Tattoos For Kids That You Can Wear, Too

VD August 08 2021

My preschooler is obsessed with temporary tattoos and insists that I put them on my body too. I thought about the tattoos I'd rather be inked with my body and the ones I'd rather keep just for my kids. I don't know about you, but a Paw Patrol tattoo isn't my first choice for an accessory. (So ​​as not to beat up Paw Patrol. My son loves Paw Patrol. But I'd like them more if they have more female characters, just say).

Luckily I found lots of cute and chic tattoos. They're kid-friendly, but I'm not embarrassed to roll up my sleeves and show off my latest body art.

Just in time for Halloween are these fake bloody wound and scar tattoos that you can get all over your body - and even get someone to take a double shot. If you're still looking, the tattoos make a very easy Halloween costume. Just apply the tattoos on your arms and face, wear ragged clothes, smear some pasty white sunscreen, and you have a zombie. You can also use these tattoos with your preschooler year-round to pretend they are “boo-boos”.

Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and there's something about the very fat and very hungry caterpillar that continues to this day for kids and adults alike. Relive it with your child by wearing the iconic caterpillar tattoo on your arm on Monday, taking a bite out of the watermelon on Tuesday, and transforming into a butterfly on Wednesday.

These cat tattoos from Oottati are cute for little kids to love, while at the same time the black silhouette makes them subtle and stylish for any animal lover to wear too. I also love these hipster cat tattoos. There is something for every mood, from biker chic to a librarian.

From an alligator to a zebra, these zoo animal tattoos are adorable, whimsical, and look like they came out of a picture book.

Melissa & Doug is a popular brand of toys for young children. So it is a breeze to reach out to them for temporary tattoos for your preschoolers. Some of their designs are childish and meh (and not diverse), but the ones in his metallic collection are sparkling and fun. It contains a selection of sweets such as cupcakes and ice cream as well as star and snowflake necklaces that even an adult will appreciate, especially during the winter holidays.

The Glamador Glitter Tattoo Kit is for the serious temporary tattoo artist - the kit that professionals use at carnival and birthday parties to create elaborate and shimmery tattoos. It's much more complicated than your simple "wet and hold your arm for 30 seconds". Instead, it comes with dozens of stencils that you use with body glue and 15 glitter colors that you dust with a brush. Break this out for special occasions to create beautiful and imaginative tattoos for you or your little creative artist.