What to put under swing set?

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Your child`s safety is important to you, and you want to make sure that your swing set is as safe as possible. You may be wondering what you can put under your swing set to help keep your child safe. We have prepared a list of materials that you can use to help make your playset safer.

Best material to put under a swing set

Rubber mats or covers:

Rubber mats and covers under the swing set are the most common safety additions you'll find when shopping for new options. These items can be found in a variety of colors and designs, and they're all made out of rubber in order to prevent falls and keep your children from getting splinters or cuts on their arms or legs as they climb up the structure.

Some rubber mats may also have padding built into them, so choose one that feels comfortable if you plan on sitting down on top of it during family picnics.

If you want something purely decorative under the set or just need a little extra safety protection around your play area, try adding some color to the area with some safety-minded rubber mats. Most people who use these products wish their kids to have a fun and colorful space to enjoy, so be sure to explore all your options before making a final decision on which mats to use.

Wooden cover under the set:

If you plan on leaving your swing set outside year-round, you'll want to make sure it's completely protected from the elements at all times. A wooden cover will usually last about ten years, depending on how well it's taken care of and how quickly it ages. You can choose a solid or transparent cover for your play area, depending on whether or not you need extra privacy in the garden.

If you have young children who are still learning to walk and climb safely, be sure that they're supervised while using their outdoor play structure. If possible, try to wait until they're able to climb up into the toy without assistance before letting them loose outside by themselves.

There are lots of great toy sets that come with a wide variety of fun accessories, like slides, swings, and ladders. Plus, the more you buy for your playset, the more use it will get even if no other kids are around to enjoy playing with your little ones.

Rubber or wooden mulch:

Many people are unaware of the different materials available for under swings, but rubber mulch is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among households. This particular accessory can be found in a number of colors, including red, blue, and green for making your playset an even more vibrant addition to your yard.

People who use this type of mulch under the swings say that it's very easy to clean up when compared with other types of grains or wood chips. It also doesn't attract bugs or rodents, which is great news for those who want to keep their kids' play area pest-free at all times.

Wood mulch is another good choice if you have pets running around the house because pine needles are harmful if swallowed by animals.

Sand under swing set:

Sand is another great option for those who desire to protect their children from harmful elements. You can find sandboxes and indoor play sets that include a layer of this material as the flooring, which will be easier to clean than mulch or wood chips once your child gets done playing.

If you use sand as the base under your swing set, make sure that it's completely dry before letting anyone climb around on top of it. Wet sand tends to sink and become very unstable when mixed with water, so you'll definitely want to wait until it dries out before climbing up the structure.

You may also want to avoid any sort of loose-fitting clothing around the play area because it could cause holes in shirts and pants once the cream sits on top of the fabric for any amount of time.

Cement surface:

Certain swing sets include wood posts that are designed to be reinforced with cement. This material is typically used by people who plan on keeping their play area outside year-round, so they can take advantage of its protective qualities. If you want to create a solid foundation, try mixing different layers together in order to get the perfect combination for your outdoor space. The cement surface under the swing set will help to protect the area from weather damage and wear and tear.

Pea gravel:

If you want to create a soft or padded surface under your swing set, pea gravel is definitely the way to go. This material is completely safe for kids, although you may need to put some steps in place so they can climb up on it without problems.

For those who live in temperate areas with chilly winters, remember that outdoor playsets must be taken apart during cold months so they don't suffer any damage. If possible, try to leave the pieces out of direct sunlight because this could lead them to warp over time.

Make sure that each piece is stored inside its original box too unless there's no room left once everything has been disassembled for the season.

What if you leave nothing under your swing set?

Having nothing under your playset is not recommended, but it's also never the end of the world if you decide to construct one without taking these simple precautions. Wooden swings are generally low enough to the ground that they won't cause any major injuries if they hit a child in the head or chest area.

You can consult with your doctor before making this decision, though; he or she may be able to make some recommendations on what type of safety measures you should take for a new swing set and what is the safest thing to put under it.

Different swing set types and their placement

You have a lot of options when you're looking to purchase a backyard swing set. There are several different types of sets available, and each one offers a few different features for your child's enjoyment. Some people even build their own swing sets from scratch, but that takes a long time and can be rather costly if you have to hire someone else to help you do it.

The most common types of swing sets include the wood-framed swing set, which is most often used in backyards or in parks with large open spaces. A metal playset is another good choice, as it's typically a little more expensive but will last forever. You can also buy a concrete swing set or build one from cement blocks.

Last but not least, you have the option of using shipping containers as swing sets, which might be worth considering if you need something to occupy your kids but don't have much yard space available for a traditional play area.

Swing set materials

Once you know what type of playset you want for your child, it's time to decide on materials. Swing sets tend to use a few different types of material based on their construction and design, including wood or steel beams that are connected by screws or bolts into a frame that will support the swings.

Most swing sets are made out of wood, but metal ones can be found in some specialty stores. If you decide to use shipping containers as the base for your swing set, it's important to know that they're typically made with lightweight materials like plastic and aluminum.

If you plan on building your own backyard swing set, you'll need to decide whether or not you want to construct it out of pressure-treated wood or just regular wood. Pressure-treated wood lasts longer than standard wood and is often more expensive but less likely to splinter when exposed to moisture.

Decide how tall you want your finished project to be before deciding which type of material is best for you. You might prefer pressure-treated wood if the structure will be used by multiple children and adults, as it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Not all swing sets need to be made from pressure-treated wood, but many parents choose pressure-treated wood if they plan on using the set for more than their own kids.

Kids like to make messes and drop food and toys onto the ground, so it's important that your play structure is able to withstand these types of accidents without suffering any major damage or becoming unsafe for use. A good rule of thumb is that pressure-treated wood will last an average of about 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Swing Accessories

Once you've chosen which type of swing set you want, you'll need to decide on the accessories that go with it. There are lots of great add-ons for kids' playsets, including swings, slides, climbing walls, and different types of toys. Be sure to choose safe materials for any accessories you buy, especially when it comes to plastics or metals.

You'll also want to carefully inspect each product before placing your order so you know exactly what kind of condition it's in when you get your package in the mail. Shipping damages can occur even when sellers ship their products in boxes rather than by tossing them around inside a delivery truck.

Where to put your swing set?

If you have a lot of land available, you might want to construct a garden swing set behind the house or in an isolated corner of your backyard. If you live in a smaller space, it's best to place your play area inside your home or on a patio. You can also install a movable swing set that will allow you to move it from one spot to another based on where the kids are playing at different times of the day.

Depending on where you will put the set, the surface under it is important for several reasons. The most important reason is safety. A fall from a swing, even a low one, can cause serious injury if the child hits his head on a hard surface or object. Here are some tips to help you choose the best surface under the playset:

  • If you're placing the swing set in your backyard, consider installing a grassy area beneath it. This will provide a soft landing spot for any kids who happen to fall off the backyard swings. You can also use mulch, wood chips, or sand as long as they're spread out evenly and aren't too deep (you don't want kids to be able to dig their way underneath the swing set and potentially get stuck).
  • If you're putting the swing set on a patio or other hard surface, you'll need to create a softer landing spot with mats or cushions. You can also use mulch, wood chips, or sand, as long as they're spread out evenly.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles in the immediate vicinity of the swing set that kids could potentially hit when swinging. This includes trees, fences, and playground equipment.
  • If you have any questions about what to put under the swing set or what type of surface to use, consult a professional for guidance. Hire someone to put a swing set together and advise you on what to put under it.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the best location and surface for your playset, and your kids will be able to enjoy it safely for years to come.

Protecting your swing set under and above

Swings, slides, and other parts of your structure can be easily damaged by strong winds. You should also take care to remove any toys that might cause injury if they fall off the play area and land on someone walking below it.

If you have a younger child who doesn't understand that climbing up to the top of the playset shouldn't happen until an adult gives him or her permission, make sure you install some type of protective covering around these areas. Most parents will choose to net over the chicken wire because it's safer for kids' fingers.

To protect the place under the playset you can use additional materials. Thick carpets, for example, will save the floor from scratches if you have wooden floors. If the ground is made of concrete, you can use outdoor rugs or mats.

If you live near power lines or are looking at outdoor swings as a means of keeping the kids out of the house, always make sure there are no overhead wires before purchasing any type of accessory for your outdoor space. You'll want to contact the company that owns these wires and asks them how you can safely install a backyard swing without a potentially deadly accident happening.


All in all, picking out the perfect swing set should be a relatively simple process. If you plan on letting smaller children use it, make sure they're properly supervised at all times by adults who know how to use common sense when it comes to construction safety. So, it`s up to you to decide what should you put under the backyard swing set.

Once you choose which type of toy is best for your child's age group, simply look online or ask friends and family members for recommendations on where to find an affordable yet high-quality option that will help keep your kids entertained for hours on end.