Baby Crib Mattresses Size: Full Guide

VD September 09 2021

Baby crib mattresses differ in size, and that’s what makes knowing the baby crib mattresses' size so significant for parents. The right baby crib mattress not only looks good, but the correct-sized bedding also ensures the baby’s ultimate comfort and safety. 

When you enter a store and look at various crib mattresses, you realize that there are minor differences in size but still, they exist. So, before buying the bed for your little one, you should always ask the seller about the size of the mattress.  

Standard Crib Mattress size: Ideal for Babies?

After ensuring that you have the correct dimensions, bring your focus towards the thickness of the mattress. According to the standard size deemed ideal for babies’ safety, 27 ¼ inches by 51 ¼ inches must be the minimum dimension sought out by parents. 

The depth of the baby crib mattress must not exceed 6 inches, as these standard dimensions prevent the risk of suffocation when the baby gets stuck between the cradle sides and the bedding, also cutting down the risk of head entrapment. 

Variations in the Crib Size 

Despite the availability of 30+ plus cradle designs on the market, you’ll find out that most of them are divided into two categories called the standard or mini. So, you must know the slight variability among the crib sizes to choose one that’ll be perfect for your baby.

Baby Crib Mattresses Size: Standard  

Full-sized cribs fall under the standard size. Such cradles go by 52 3/8 inches in length and 28 inches in width. The manufacturers of baby bedding base the size of the mattress on the dimensions of the crib and come up with comfortable and safe baby cribs. 

Mini Size Cradle Mattress 

Mini-size cradles are preferred by parents who live in small apartments. But, one thing to keep in mind is that mini cradles do not follow the exact dimensions prescribed by the regulations. You can find unique and eye-catching designs of mini-size cribs, but they are all considerably small. 

The majority of the rectangular-shaped mini cribs go by the dimensions of 38 inches in length and 24 inches in width. While buying a mattress for the baby, check the size of the cot carefully, and then buy the bedding conforming to its dimensions.

Few Concerns Regarding Crib Mattresses

The few concerns that surround crib mattresses do not include just the size but many other factors. To ensure 100% safety of newborn babies, you must pay attention to some things about the mattress. 

Perfect adjustment 

The best ways to check the baby crib mattresses size: 

Two-finger rule 

The two-finger rule allows you to figure out if the mattress is too small or too large. To see if it fits or not, place your two fingers between the side of the cradle and the baby mattress so you can know for sure. The fitting of more fingers indicates that the mattress is small, while less than one finger might prove that it’s too big.

Use a display cradle

Use a display cradle to check out the adjustment of the mattress right at the store. You can ask the management to help you with the correct picking of the crib bedding, so you don’t make any mistakes and come later for exchanges.

The sturdiness of the baby crib mattress 

Sturdiness is very significant when it comes to buying mattresses for babies. Parents with their firstborn babies often would naturally think that soft bedding would be suitable for them, but this is not the case. 

The crib mattress you need is the very opposite of soft and plush. Your little ones require a firm and sturdy bed that allows babies to strengthen their bones and muscles. The hard surface creates resistance for the newborns while their bones grow well. 

On the other hand, plush material could cause little ones to sink in and suffocate as they won’t maintain a safe posture or lie on their back comfortably. 

How to test mattress sturdiness 

To know that the mattress is firm for your newborn, use your hand to press down the center area and borders of the baby futon. When it jumps back up quickly, you’d know that it’s hard enough to accommodate your baby safely. 


What to do if you want to buy a suitable mattress? 

If you want to buy an ideal crib mattress for your baby, then you don’t have to rack your brain over dimensions. Directly go for the standard crib mattress size. 

In another case, if your cradle is smaller, then it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and buy a baby mattress in the recommended size. 

Is it okay to buy crib mattresses online? 

There’s nothing wrong with buying crib mattresses online. You could be hesitating because of the dimensions and material, but a reputable manufacturer won’t cheat on you with misleading information. So, after doing proper research, you can order cradle baby futons online.  

Final Thoughts: 

Parents worry about their kids all the time and always want to protect them no matter the cost. Buying a cradle and baby crib mattress is a delightful experience for parents, so they want everything to be perfect. Even though baby crib mattresses’ sizes could be confusing, you shouldn’t panic and follow our guide to get a suitable crib mattress for your baby.