How to massage your breast for increasing its size?

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

Can you increase your breast size at home with a massage?

Yes, you can increase your breast size at home by applying some simple tips. Many women can't afford expensive treatments of plastic surgery, but all women want to look good. Actually, there are different practices from changing the diet to massage exercises that not only help you increase your breast size but also keep them firm and tighten the breast with only one technique.

Physical exercises:

You can also increase the breast size by adopting some physical exercises. You should go swimming, jogging, or do yoga to increase the size of your breast. These activities will not only help you increase your bust size but also keep your body fit and healthy.

You have to take hot showers two times a day after practicing these exercises that are mentioned below. Keep your breast under a hot water stream for 15 minutes. Air dry your breast thoroughly, especially the in-between time when bathing is done with cold water.


Take shower twice a day using lukewarm water instead of normal temperature water. The benefits are high because it makes pores open up making it easy for sebum to go deep into the skin where it's supposed to be which helps with breast size.

Don't use harsh soaps instead use milder soap with moisturizer properties. Avoid using scented or flavored body washes that might cause irritation on the skin. Also avoid using hard sponges while bathing to prevent skin from sagging and becoming weak, instead use soft cloths after applying moisturizer for better results.

Special diet:

Nutritious and healthy food is extremely important for the overall development of your body and to increase the size of your breast. For this, you should eat a healthy diet that helps you to increase blood flow throughout your body. It will also help in the proper nourishment of each cell which will help in developing large breasts naturally.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, peanuts, etc are some examples of healthy food elements that are very beneficial for your boobs. Although you have not seen any side effects but still if you want to try something natural then go for fenugreek leaves which are highly beneficial in increasing the size of the busts.

Who can massage breast - professionals or amateurs?

So, should you go to a special SPA or you can make it your own? To answer this question we have to first see who is a professional masseur. He must have studied the anatomy of the female body and he knows which gland to massage, where lymph nodes are located, and what effect will be on the skin if you repeat the same movement for a few minutes.

To give yourself the perfect professional breast massage technique, you need special utensils like a smooth surface ball with soft bristles made from natural fiber (camel hair or something similar). You can buy it at the SPA salon or make one with your own hands using very soft fabric like velvet.

Professional massages take time because professionals should identify the exact problem area where they should work. There is no sense in repeating the same movement over and over again; otherwise, you'll get an even worse effect.

There are some home massages that women give themselves, however, you should understand that not all of those techniques work. If a woman has a large bust or she doesn't have much time to go to the SPA salon then it's good for her if this massage helps her achieve the effect she wants. In this case, she can continue with these methods as long as they do not hurt her health and break any law of hygiene!

If a person has never been engaged in self-massage before then she should firstly read instructions on how to apply pressure on the gland correctly. The breast is a very sensitive part of our body so you need more time than usual when you do a massage because it requires special movements and perfect pressure which will help the lymphatic system move all the fluids that it has.

Any woman can do this massage herself but if you still think that your hands are so weak and need the help of another person then it's better to consult a specialist first.

Who should not massage their breast?

If you have a small bust, if you have an injury or wound on your breast, if you practice a sport that requires a lot of movement then avoid doing any kind of massages for yourself (especially if you want to increase the breasts) as they will cause more harm than good.

You can give your self-massage only after healing from surgery or injury because those things may prevent you from making those movements properly and don't have any positive effect! If you decide to take care of your bust at home make sure no one will disturb you and you will be able to relax because taking care of your breast is a time-consuming process.

If you want to get the perfect massage for boobs then it's better to go to a SPA salon or hire a professional masseur to help you with that. If this is too much for you and looking in the mirror looking at your own tiny-little hands massaging your bust seems like a total waste of time then try some home methods and watch out for changes!

How to massage the breast for increasing size?

You will need a surface ball and towel or piece of cloth – 1 pcs.

How to do:

First, you should take a shower and wash your breast with warm water. For this massage technique, take a piece of cloth and soak it in hot water, and remove all excess liquid from it so that this piece could serve as a medium for heat transfer during the massage session. Lay down on your stomach and put this heat compress on your boobs right before you start working on them!

You can lay one hand on top of the compress which will help you feel more comfortable because the weight of the hands is not evenly distributed when they are not used to each other. This way you will reach the ideal temperature really fast! Hands should be slightly damp but don't make them too wet otherwise all this heat will go straight to the floor. It will help you to increase the blood flow to the needed body parts.

Tips: If you suffer from migraine or headaches then it would be helpful to lay down on your back and put a heat compress over your eyes so the blood vessels in the brain can relax and all pain will disappear.

Now that we have reached the ideal temperature you should take the ball and start working on your breast with gentle movements stroking towards the heart direction. Stay close to the skin, don't press too hard because hands must only create waves of pressure, not strong pushes which could cause harm! Your hands should make circles like windshield wipers – front-back-front-back (the same movement but mirror).

The next piece of technique is clockwise circular movements (all-around breast area) – 5 minutes for each side. Don't move your ball clockwise if you massage your right breast with your left hand and vice versa! You can do this 5-7 times for each side. After that time is over take another piece of cloth which should be soaked in cold water, remove excess liquid with a towel and place it on your breast for 10 minutes. It will make the lymphatic system eliminate the lactic acid during this process which will help you feel refreshed and increase your blood flow!

Last but not least – turn off the heat compress (right before it gets cool), cover yourself with a blanket so all warmth will stay inside your body, and wait 30 minutes until you get used to the temperature again.

That's it! It was simple instruction on how to massage breasts at home without any tools or medicines, just using the ability to control your own hands and you will surely see the result! 

How to massage the breast with a pump?

Nowadays there are many gadgets for beauty and health, and some of them can be really handy even when we talk about breast massage. This kind of pump is designed especially for that in order to increase your breast with a special massage technique.

You put it over the breasts, one part goes inside while another one stays on the outside and all you have to do is press the button and move up and down quickly so the device starts creating vacuum pressure then it falls away from the skin automatically because such movements create tension that makes breasts firm. You should repeat this movement 10-15 times per session. Of course, this way of massage is unisex so it could be used by men too (and don`t worry, their chest will not increase from this massage).

This device is great for stimulating blood flow that will help you to increase its size, so if you buy this amazing pump not only boobs will become firmer but skin tone will also improve, the whole breast area will become smoother and all signs of cellulite or stretch marks which are usually found around the bust line will disappear! It works just like body wrap with all advantages of course.

If you have a flat chest this gadget might help you increase your size up to 2-3 cups depending on age and your genes, of course, at least it will give some temporary effect because everyone knows that surgery has the best results in the long run.

What are the breast massage exercises?

As you now know how massaging boobs at home is not a hard thing to do but there is one more important piece of knowledge that will help you – know which movements you should make during the massage.

There are a lot of techniques known since ancient times and it's your choice what kind of strokes or moves would be beneficial for your skin type, but we recommend you to start with gentle circular moves because they stimulate blood flow, lymphatic system, and release lactic acid from breast tissue which makes this area smoother and firmer.

After 5 minutes switch to clockwise moves all-around bust area (don't forget about hands warmed in heat compress) – 5 minutes on each side should give the best results for a woman to increase her breast size and feel better!

How to choose oil for your breast massage?

Not everyone knows how to massage breast at home so there's one more thing to mention – the oil you choose should be appropriate for your type of skin and it must be natural! Sesame oil is perfect because it has antioxidant properties which are crucial if you want to prevent aging or even improve existing wrinkles. You can also try almond, avocado, olive, or coconut oil but if you have very oily skin the first three oils are a better choice with a strong moisturizing effect. If your skin is dryer try coconut oil!

Choose those smells that you enjoy the most and this kind of massage will become a routine that makes your skin healthy and naturally beautiful! Of course, no matter how beneficial it is for your skin, remember that detoxifying diets have a much more powerful effect so if you want to lose weight on your hips or belly try some other methods too. But if you practice massage only to increase your breast size, a pleasant flavor would be enough for oil.

How often should women massage their breasts to increase their size?

This question requires an individual approach but it has several common features. It's recommended to do such massages at least 2-3 times per week because they help get rid of toxins that are stored in fatty tissues of boobs, improve lymph circulation and even decrease cellulite problems. Remember that excess of everything might be dangerous for you so don't overdo these moves – especially avoid doing them every day or very often because it can cause skin irritation even if the technique is simple and gentle.

How long to massage breast for increasing size?

One more thing you should keep in mind is that time duration of your massage is really important – 20 minutes are enough but if you want to get the best results do it for 40-45 minutes at least once per week! It doesn't mean that all other weekly massages should last this long, but there's one exception – treatment with MULTIWAVEPRO+ device which will take about an hour each session. Of course, everything depends on your preferences and capabilities so just use common sense here.

There are some other types of massage that could be useful for breast enlargement like peeling or scrubbing which improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen renewal. Collagen helps the skin not to lose its shape and after a long usage period even to increase the size of your boobs!

Bottom line

Here you got all the answers about how to massage breasts at home in order to improve their shape and increase their size! Now it's time for your questions – if you still have some of them feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below this article.

Remember that we won't do any breast enlargement for you at home, but we can give you some useful information on how to detoxify your body from toxins that are stored in the fatty tissues of boobs and how often should women massage their breasts for increasing the size and see the result.

Of course, no matter how helpful these tips are remember that nothing works better than surgery so if you're ready for this kind of operation just visit your plastic surgeon or dermatologist.