Using Oxiclean for baby clothes

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is Oxiclean?

Oxiclean is a product that is used to treat stains and whiten clothes. It is used in many household washing machines and can be found at most grocery stores for about $10.

It contains enzymes that help break down stains and brighteners to help remove dirt. Oxiclean comes in a powder form, which is added to the washing machine before clothes are placed inside. Sodium carbonate and Hydrogen peroxide are also among the ingredients in Oxiclean. They are both bleaching agents, which are used to help remove stains on the clothes.

Oxiclean works by acting as an oxidizing agent. It helps break down food and other organic stains like milk or blood into water-soluble molecules that can be washed away with water. "Oxiclean's Energizing Clean technology acts like hundreds of tiny Pac-men in every drop of this product, chomping away at dirt and grime," according to their website.

Why do you need Oxiclean and when should you use it?

Oxiclean can be used on delicate clothes as well as other types of fabric. It is helpful for those who have children and need to remove tough stains from clothes.

It can be used to brighten up the clothes if they start to fade over time due to being washed repeatedly or exposed to sunlight too often. According to their website, Oxiclean contains ingredients that help make colors more vibrant and prevent them from bleeding during the wash cycle.

"Keep whites white, color only as directed," according to a washing instructions sign at a laundromat. When should you use it? If you have any problems with soap scum building up in your washing machines, adding an extra scoop of Oxiclean along with your detergent will help cut down on the soap scum.

Sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, both found in Oxiclean, are ingredients that remove stains and gunk from your washing machine as well as clothes, making maintenance simpler and decreasing repair costs.

The only downside to using too much Oxiclean is it can leave behind a white film or residue on clothing or pieces of laundry equipment.

How do you use Oxiclean?

Before adding clothes to the washing machine, empty out any detergent already inside the drum so you have room for all of your new items. Add one scoop of Oxiclean powder followed by the rest of your regular detergents into the drum. Then close it back up before starting the washer.

For best results, you should use Oxiclean to remove stains only. It is not meant to be used as a detergent replacement for regular clothes. When using OxiClean around children or pets, always make sure they are out of the room before adding it to your washing machine. Afterward, you should also wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This ensures the product does not get on your skin or in your eyes.  

Is it safe to use Oxiclean for baby clothes?

Yes, it is safe to use Oxiclean for baby clothes. The main ingredient in the product is hydrogen peroxide, which helps remove stains from fabrics that are exposed to dirt and oils.

Oxiclean can be used on most items of clothing including baby clothes. It will not cause damage to the fabric or harm children's skin if they handle or wear an article of clothing after being washed with this product. It also does not have any harsh chemical components that would make it unsafe to use on any type of fabric.

The only time you should avoid using Oxiclean is if your child has psoriasis. This condition causes redness, itching, flaky skin rashes, and inflammation of the skin due to a build-up of plaque. There is a chance that the active ingredients in Oxiclean may make these symptoms worse, so it is best to avoid using this product when caring for children with psoriasis.

You should also be careful using Oxiclean around pets. Pets also have sensitive skin and you do not want them licking or chewing on anything that has been washed in such a strong cleaning agent.

How can you test your baby`s sensitivity to this product?

Even if Oxiclean is safe for use on baby clothes, you still have to test personal sensibility to its ingredients. How can you do it? Well, simply take a small sample of the clothing and mix up the ingredients in water (5 teaspoons of powder with 2 cups of hot water). After it, your baby's skin should test this mixture. If there is no negative response, the clothes can be washed normally with Oxiclean.

If you find out that your baby has a sensitivity to Oxyclean, it is best to wash the items by hand using cold water and the gentlest possible cycle for your washing machine.

A tip to remember: always check labels of clothing before putting them in the laundry hamper to determine if they are color-safe or not. This will help avoid ruining certain pieces of clothing by accident or having them fade too much after multiple washes which also reduces their lifespan.

Will Oxiclean help you get rid of old stains?

Oxiclean will help remove old stains from your baby's clothes, but it also depends on what exactly caused the stain. If a stain is caused by a chemical substance then Oxiclean should be able to help remove it. However, if the stain is related to oil or dirt, Oxiclean might not be as effective.

If your child was playing with makeup or face paint you can use Oxiclean to clean off this type of old stain, but make sure you test it out first otherwise their skin might have a negative reaction to this product.

If for whatever reason you are unable to remove certain stains using OxiClean try using another bleach alternative like Borax which has similar Microorganisms that in removing all types of stains and it also helps whiten your clothes.

How can you clean baby clothes with Oxiclean?

You should always make sure the clothing is color-safe before washing, but after that, it is just a matter of throwing them in the washer together with other regular laundry and adding some Oxyclean.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the label to get the best results from this product. If there are stains that have been sitting for too long try soaking the clothes in a mixture of 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup Oxyclean before running them through a normal cycle.

Afterward, remember not to mix up these items with other bright-colored items while drying as they might bleed onto each other and cause discoloration or even damage. To prevent possible damage you should always use the delicate dryer setting when drying these types of pieces. Furthermore, avoid hanging them to dry as it will cause stretching and ruin the clothes over time, so either tumble dries them or lay flat to dry.

Remember not to overload the washer or washing machine during this process because it can make laundry take longer to complete and sometimes cause certain items to become tangled together which can lead to removing some of the fabric with other clothes.

Using Oxiclean for baby clothes is safe but only if you are using it properly. This means that before adding any clothing into your washer or washtub you need to be sure that there are no bleachable stains on them.

Once they are clean and free of any bleachable stains you can wash them with regular or baby laundry and add some Oxyclean to ensure that there are no stains left after the wash. Make sure you test your child's skin for any negative reaction before using it on their clothing, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Can you combine Oxiclean with other cleaning detergents?

Although it is possible to combine this product with other cleaning detergents, we don't recommend it as too many different ingredients in the same load can cause damage or discoloration of clothing even though they might come out clean.

If you absolutely must use a different type of laundry detergent with Oxiclean make sure that you separate these items and only wash them after they have been washed alone. You should also refrain from using any stain removers or bleaching agents because these might not be compatible with your new mixture and could ruin some pieces of clothing by accident.

Will this combination be more effective?

Oxiclean and Borax are very similar in the sense that they both contain active Microorganisms that remove all types of stains and grime. They can be used on clothing with or without bleach and if combined properly they should not cause damage to any type of fabric.

Borax contains 8% of active microorganisms whereas Oxyclean has 6.2%. The number of chemicals found in these products might make a big difference regarding how effective it will be for removing stains from your baby's clothes, especially those with stubborn stains.

Is Oxiclean better for white or colorful clothes?

Using this product on heavily soiled clothes with white stains will greatly improve its cleaning abilities as the Microorganisms in the powder break down and remove any type of biological material. These same organisms can be found in bleach, but that is not what they were designed for due to their harsh nature.

However, these microorganisms do a great job at removing dirt from fabrics and can even remove some biologicals with a few steps. They cannot be compared to bleaching agents because those chemicals are designed specifically for destroying all living things and only leave the fabric untouched.

Combining Oxiclean with other bleaching agents can yield better results than using just one or the other since it increases the total amount of active ingredients within your load. Although this would be more cost-effective it might also damage your clothing due to the number of chemicals found within these products.


What other washing products can you use for cleaning baby clothes?

There aren't many other products that can be used for cleaning baby clothes because most of them can damage the materials and cause some type of discoloration over time, especially if the detergents are not approved for this use by their manufacturer.

One such product is Carbona Stain Devils which contains active agents that break down and remove all types of stains on clothing as well as some fabrics like upholstery, drapes and carpets.

However, it should only be used on pre-soiled clothes since it doesn't contain any enzymes or chemicals that prevent stains from setting in or bleeding through your clothes. Carbona is specifically designed to tackle some of the worst stains out there but it lacks proper protection against certain biologicals which can be found in baby food.

How should you use Oxiclean to clean cotton clothes?

Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials used for clothing, but also one of the worst when it comes to stains due to its porous nature. You can use standard amounts of Oxiclean without any pre-treatment and follow up with a standard wash cycle in order to make sure that all chemicals are removed from your material.

The main reason this process works is that bacteria live within the fibers of your clothes and they feed on starch or amino acids which are present in about 90% of household stains like grass, blood, fruit juices, or cream cheese icing. Using an oxidizing agent like Oxiclean will break down these microorganisms much faster than bleach which simply kills everything within your clothes.

Is there any type of additive that you should avoid using when washing baby clothes with Oxiclean?

Although bleach isn't necessary in order to clean your clothes there are several combinations that can be used in order to make the process more effective. Bleach is known for its superior bleaching abilities but it cannot fully break down biological stains without some help from other cleaners.

Using baking soda or ammonia with bleach will improve its cleaning abilities and cause less damage than just adding it directly into your wash cycle. However, these substances will remove stains much faster when used separately so you might want to take this into consideration if you're trying to save money on laundry detergent.